Assembly and Installation Industry Information Day op 21 mei 2015 en gesprek met Francoise Flament, hoofd procurement van ITER-IO in Cadarache op 22 mei 2015

maandag, 27 juli, 2015


Hieronder informatie over de "Assembly and Installation Industry Information Day" op 21 mei 2015 en over het gesprek met Francoise Flament, hoofd procurement van ITER-IO in Cadarache op 22 mei 2015.

Vanuit Nederland waren de ILO (contact: en Henri Wijnants van VDL-ETG aanwezig op deze informatiedag over de assemblage en de installatie van ITER.

Hier kunt u de deelnemerslijst vinden: List of Participants

Alle presentaties die op deze dag gegeven zijn kunt u hieronder vinden:

If you have any question, feel free to send a mail to and we will get back to you.


Hieronder een samenvatting van de bijeenkomst van de ILO's met Francoise Flament op 22 mei 2015 in Cadarache.

Het was een prima gesprek met de ITER-IO procurement afdeling onder leiding van Francoise Flament. Ze was erg welwillend wat betreft de ILO wensen betreffende SME’s. De volgende (grote) stap is een afspraak van deze werkgroep met de nieuwe directeur Bernard Bigot. Dat is belangrijk om de diverse ILO-wensen op het allerhoogste niveau te kunne afstemmen. Het is de bedoeling dit gesprek eind juni te laten plaatsvinden. Ter voorbereiding was er een bijeenkomst op 8 juni, net voor de F4E-ILO-meeting in Barcelona op 9 juni. Op de 8-11 februari 2016 te houden gezamenlijke MIIFED en IBF in Monaco zal ook voor het eerst een bijeenkomst van alle DA ILO’s worden nagestreefd, dus ook ILO’s uit India, China, Rusland, US, Korea en Japan. Verder een terugblik op het IBF (Iter Business Forum) in Marseille zie hieronder

      IBF Marseille and Assembly Info Day feedback

IBF/15 feedback: The Feedback is excellent, nevertheless there are some proposals which still could improve the efficiency (cf. detailed report distributed by Sabine).  Examples: Avoid Friday as much as possible, Open new timeslots for 1-1 meetings, Remind participants for the B2B meetings that they have to answer the requests they have received.

MIFED/IBF Monaco: ILOs to participate in the programme committee , e.g. combining an IBF with MIFED in 2016 to be further discussed between all ILOs in order to come to a common position. (agenda point for the ILO pre-meeting on June 8, 2015). The right timing for the subjects of the sessions should be observed.

Assembly Info Day:   A lot of information from IO for the companies, ILOs will encourage companies to provide feedback (questionnaire), a concern are the restrictions for participation in the work contracts (only one per company/grouping). To be further discussed with IO.

ITER Procedures for SME & Improvement ways/ SME ad hoc group proposal

IO will be review the list of issues/proposals from the ILOs (mail from Dan sent on July 7, 2014) and consult with the DG on the way forward. IO asked  information on what has been implemented and achieved by F4E. 

Job profile assessment for IO Industry Coordinator position

Agreement between IO and ILOs about the need of such a position because among other issues the urgent need to improve the information provided through the IO procurement web-site which is not up-to-date and to have a point of contact. More work now for the procurement department because of centralized procurements and the preparation for assembly. IO will inform the DG and ILOs should explain their view (agenda item for the planned meeting with the DG).

Update on ITER General and Procurement & Contract Division Flowchart

There is no change in the procurement team. The project team leaders for Buildings (Laurent Schmieder) and Vacuum Vessel (Chang Ho CHOI) have been nominated. The others will follow. The project team leaders will be nominated by Executive Project Board (DG, DA Heads).There will be no change regarding the responsibility for follow-up of the contracts which remains with the DAs.

Interaction with other DA ILOs and nominating status

The proposal for nomination of ILOs from the other DAs should be discussed by IO with the DG. ILOS requested a meeting with the DG, the agenda should be extended to other topics, such as industrial policy, SME involvement, Industry coordinator (see §5), feedback from contractors on contract performance, …. to be organized by Francoise, end of June?


IO- Francoise Fllament, Valerie Martin, Oli Kalha

F4E- Leonardo Biagoni, Benjamin Perier ( by video)

ILOs : Sabine Portier, Sue O’Neill, Ana Belen Delcerro, Paolo Acunzo,  Toon Verhoeven, Michel Hubner, Kurt Ebbinghaus