16 - Blanket system

VDL Enabling Technologies Group

Development, production and assembly of customer-specific complex mechatronical modules and systems; high-precision metal work from 100 mm3 up to 3.5 m3, single pieces to medium size series; sheet metal work, welding and frame construction.


Urenco’s goal is to produce low activation materials by removing specific undesired isotopes from materials so they can be used in ITER.

Stork FDO Inoteq

Stork FDO and Stork Inoteq form a new company within the Stork Materials Technology group. With our joined forces we are able to provide solutions throughout the application of materials and products at every stage in their life cycle.

Philips Advanced Metal Solutions

Development of refractory metals (Tungsten and Molybdenum). Tailor-made material properties, processes and production of high-quality components.


Mogema is part of Aalberts Industries. Aalberts Industries N.V. is an international industrial group with two core activities, Industrial Services and Flow Control, and occupies top positions in the market in each of these activities. Aalberts Industries operates on the basis of a decentralised structure with significant operational management responsibilities.