45 - CODAC

Science & Technology

Data analysis for a.o. prognostic health monitoring.

Philips Applied Technologies

Dedicated contract R&D supplier. High-tech products, applications and industrial systems. With over 1,000 technology professionals, we deliver product and process design as well as engineering services from concept phase to industrialization, including first-of-a-kind prototypes and testing. Specialized in: mechatronics, robotics, remote handling and control, tribology, metrology and vacuum technology.

National Instruments

Transforms the way engineers and scientists around the world design, prototype, and deploy systems for test, control, and embedded design applications.

INCAA Computers

Dutch company specializing in design and manufacture of professional high-tech measurement and control equipment for industrial, scientific, OEM and automotive applications. In other words: we specialize in advanced computer applications.

Draka Comteq Telecom

Draka develops, engineers, manufactures and sells thousands of advanced cabines and cable solutions for all kinds of applications and situations.

Bradford Engineering

Specialist in engineering, design and development, production and testing of spaceflight components, systems and subsystems for a multitude of satellite and human spaceflight applications.