55 - Diagnostics

VDL Enabling Technologies Group

Development, production and assembly of customer-specific complex mechatronical modules and systems; high-precision metal work from 100 mm3 up to 3.5 m3, single pieces to medium size series; sheet metal work, welding and frame construction.


Urenco’s goal is to produce low activation materials by removing specific undesired isotopes from materials so they can be used in ITER.

Sumipro BV

Sumipro, manufacturer of custom made high precision optics. Sumipro gives advice, designs and produces optical products and systems for medical, aerospace, defense industries and research institutes all around the world.

Nedinsco BV

Development and production of complex optronic and optomechanical instruments, e.g. CCD cameras and lens systems for extreme environmental requirements, ultra-precise optical devices.

INCAA Computers

Dutch company specializing in design and manufacture of professional high-tech measurement and control equipment for industrial, scientific, OEM and automotive applications. In other words: we specialize in advanced computer applications.

Heemskerk Innovative Technology

Consultancy and support for innovative high-tech projects in the field of robotics and mechatronics.

Dutch Space

Developer and system integrator of multidisciplinary, multinational, complex systems for space travel, military and civil applications.

Draka Comteq Telecom

Draka develops, engineers, manufactures and sells thousands of advanced cabines and cable solutions for all kinds of applications and situations.


DEMCON realizes high-tech mechatronic systems through research, development and production.

Atkins Nedtech

Atkins Nedtech specializes in the design, integration and analysis of aircraft structures and gas turbine components, including systems, kinematics and system installation.