Mechanical manufacturing large parts

Schelde Exotech

Supplier, manufacturer, (EB -) welding specialist and designer of high-quality and complex components in special materials including all types of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, vacuum vessels, also repairs and replacements.

Oostendorp Apparatenbouw BV

Specialist in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, heat-exchangers and separation columns for the (petro)chemical, offshore, pharmaceutical and other industries.

KIN Machinebouw Rijen

The manufacturing (o.a. large machining and welding in accordance with ISO 3834 Part 2) of special machines and apparatus, pressure vessels, lifting and towing equipment and amusement rides.

Genius Klinkenberg

Manufacturing of complex mechanical custom made machinery. Our philosophy: exceeding customer expectations today is building winning partnerships tomorrow.

Boessenkool BV

Design and produce parts for machinery and replacement parts for machinery repair, renovation and upgrades. Also manufacture construction pieces and assemblies.