23 - Remote handling

Tree C Technology

Development and implementation of VR4Robots, a Remote Handling application using virtual reality techniques for definition, simulation, validation and implementation of remote handling tasks at inaccessible places.

Philips Applied Technologies

Dedicated contract R&D supplier. High-tech products, applications and industrial systems. With over 1,000 technology professionals, we deliver product and process design as well as engineering services from concept phase to industrialization, including first-of-a-kind prototypes and testing. Specialized in: mechatronics, robotics, remote handling and control, tribology, metrology and vacuum technology.

Oxford Technologies BV

Oxford Technologies is a leading developer of remote handling systems for hostile environments. With proven expertise and a track record of providing innovative solutions in our key market sectors that include Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Decommissioning, speca and high Energy Physics.

Heemskerk Innovative Technology

Consultancy and support for innovative high-tech projects in the field of robotics and mechatronics.


Expert technical company that performs advice, checking, research and development activities in the fields of geodesy, photogrammetry and geo information.

Dutch Space

Developer and system integrator of multidisciplinary, multinational, complex systems for space travel, military and civil applications.

Bradford Engineering

Specialist in engineering, design and development, production and testing of spaceflight components, systems and subsystems for a multitude of satellite and human spaceflight applications.

Atkins Nedtech

Atkins Nedtech specializes in the design, integration and analysis of aircraft structures and gas turbine components, including systems, kinematics and system installation.